Chapter 16/

The 1939 Boilermakers

November 4, 1939

Garfield-Bloomfield Program

The 19,000 fans who jammed Foley Field for the 1939 Garfield-Bloomfield game were thumbing through this.

October 14, 1939

Garfield-Dickenson Program

Garfield’s opening game of the 1939 season featured this program, with an invitation to dance to Jimmy Dorsey at the Meadowbrook after the game.

Vintage color footage taken by Michael Rayhack of Garfield's 12-6 win over Passaic Oct 15 before 11,000 at Passaic School Stadium. Benny Babula ran for 193 yards.

  • Art Argauer poses at Belmont Oval with the railroad tracks behind him.

    Art Argauer
  • Garfield tacklers close in on Bloomfield’s Bill Marfuggi after a short gain around end as the huge crowd at Foley Field looks on.

    Marfuggi Run
  • The 1939 Garfield team photo taken at Passaic School Stadium.

    1939 Team Picture
  • Garfield High's 1939 cheerleading squad.


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