Chapter 07/

The Teams

  • Art Argauer and his prize player, Benny Babula.

    Babula and Argauer
  • Garfield High School's second team. From left to right on the line, Ed Leskanic, Ted Kurgan, Julius Fick, Joe Lucas, Len Macaluso, Alex Yoda and Ed Hintenberger. In the backfield, Bob Schultz, Red Barrale, Bill Librera and Al Kazaren. Yoda and Hintneberger would win starting jobs by the end of the year.

    GHS Second Team
  • Jules Koshlap, one of the finest football players Garfield ever produced.

  • Alfred Stewart "Red" Eldredge, Davey’s father.

    Alfred Stewart Eldredge
  • Jennie Belle Turner Eldredge, Davey’s mother.

    Jennie Belle
  • Davey Eldredge's baby picture. Note the fast feet.

    Davey baby_Web.jpg

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Alfred Stewart "Red" Eldredge, Davey’s father.